Keynote Speaker 4

Ömer Aydan


Research interests: Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Mining Engineering, Computational Mechanics


Bio: Prof. Dr. Ömer Aydan was born in 1955, and studied Mining Engineering at the İstanbul Technical University, Turkey (B.Sc., 1979), Rock Mechanics and Excavation Engineering at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (M.Sc., 1982), and finally received his Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from Nagoya University, Japan in 1989. He worked at Nagoya University as a research associate (1987-1991), and at the Department of Marine Civil Engineering at Tokai University, first as Assistant Professor (1991-1993), then as Associate Professor (1993-2001), and finally as Professor (2001-2010). He then became Professor of the Institute of Oceanic Research and Development at Tokai University, and he moved to Department of Civil Engineering, the University of Ryukyus (Nishihara, Okinawa, Japan) as the professor of Material Science and he retired at the end of March of 2020 as Emeritus Professor. He is the author and/or one of the authors of more than 600 scientific papers and the author of seven international books on rock mechanics and co-authored five more international books.